Derrick Bowls

Courage to Lead

Had a wonderful uplifting conversation with Derrick Boles. Check out his new book: "The Courage to Lead"

P.R.E.P = Formula for an effective Elevator Pitch


P.R.E.P is a great Formula for an effective Elevator Pitch.  Here's a quick illustration to assist you: 

Jim Balis -Renowned Restaurant Consultant

Jim Balis

Met with Jim Balis - Renowned restaurant and food service consultantant:  

Frank White International

Frank White

Had a wonderful meeting with Frank White, PhD and MBA in business.  Here's some quotes I left our meeting with:"Be Unique or Be Extinct" -Frank White "Make me Cry and Make me Buy" - Frank WhiteBoth these quotes by Frank line up perfectly with our 2nd buy "Now What?" which helps you create a marketing plan.

Met with CEO Tom Gay of - a referral partner program and leads generator based upon his other company 22Touch "Building a Referral Mindset".