Press Release

Check out the press release from StudioWide:"The Improved business planning by PS1224.  A renewed approach to business planning and hands-on learning"...Read Full Artcile below or click here: Studiowide ReviewPS 12/24 offers an extensive and strategic approach to plan a business in an effective manner. The book “If You Can’t Be First…You Must Be Better” offers ...

Interactive Business Plan

An interactive business plan is a living breathing document that should direct everyone towards the same goals and vision the company wants to achieve. PS1224 offers an interactive business plan by allowing our clientelle to log into our website and update their own business plan whenever there is a need. Most businesses created their business plan to ...

Technological Advancements…

We enjoy helping other businesses grow, save money, and become more efficient with technological advancements of today.VOIP, Digital Faxing, and Free Online marketing opportunities are just a few suggestions for our clientelle to be looking into.

Youth CEO

Met with author Mac Mayer regarding his book titled, "Youth CEO".  Mac Mayer is a dynamic businessman, author, speaker and coach.

Google Ad Campaign

Create your own Google Adword Campaign by going to: You can also call Google Adwords at the following #: (866) 246-6453 Be sure to take advantage of the Google Coupons - call them for details.