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“The Improved business planning by PS1224.  A renewed approach to business planning and hands-on learning”…

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PS 12/24 offers an extensive and strategic approach to plan a business in an effective manner. The book “If You Can’t Be First…You Must Be Better” offers insightful information on making a right business start. This result oriented approach can be seen through the workbook that the book is provided with at just $19.99. The workbook would help to plan the business and tackle with the common issues that are faced by every entrepreneur. This guide would be a mentor to planning business effectively and reach the path to success without having to face any hurdles. The benefit of signing up for a copy right away is the access to free Business Plan App that is offered to plan a business through the interactive app which can be saved or printed. This exclusive offer lasts only for a limited period.

Phil Sigler, a renowned entrepreneur and established investor has captured his life’s learning into “If You Can’t Be First…You Must Be Better” in order to help entrepreneurs through their business planning phase. The workbook which is a part of the book would help to have an experiential learning by implementing the learnt strategies and designing a business plan. The book showcases a host of information that is not only thought provoking but also is entertaining and filled with insights that forms the basis for a worthwhile learning. Entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business should invest time and money in learning the ways to plan a business and see the value it can bring to the venture they are about to begin. This tested and proven methodology of business plan is being offered at a very low price than any other learning online. With a free access to the Business Plan App, the book would be a live learning system for an entrepreneur. To book a copy and for information visit or contact (877) 735 2685 for additional assistance. Contact via email to or 

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