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PS1224 Business Consulting Firm offers solutions for businesses to save money through technological advancements of today along with helping start-ups via the Book and Workbook, “If You Can’t Be First…You Must Be Better!” which Creates A Business Plan of Success.

Many people wish to start a business, and in the coming years many more people will be considering starting a new business. A new book by business coach and entrepreneur Phil Sigler teaches business principles and philosophies which through using the included workbook result in a finished business plan.

The idea of a Business Plan, with a capital “B” and “P”, is a ubiquitous concept the true purpose of which remains a mystery to many existing business owners, even those who have written business plans. So why write a business plan? What good does it actually do?

Phil Sigler book, “If You Can’t Be First You Must Be Better!”, takes from his own experience and boils down his own lessons-learned into what he calls the 12 Principles for creating a business plan and the 24 Philosophies of running a successful business (PS 12/24). The 12 Principles and 24 Philosophies get put to use in the workbook portion. Phil Sigler says the idea is to create system of education and action, adding, “combined together book plus workbook equals a step by step guide in becoming an entrepreneur of success.”

By using the book along with the workbook, a business owner or prospective business owner gets an education on what Sigler calls, “the trials, struggles, and the necessary determination of successfully commencing and operating a business.” In the end the reader will have complete business plan, the real purpose of which is to set an order of events in motion and achieve the ability to monitor the events and make adjustments to achieve goals.

With a world economy in the first groping steps of recovery, and a generation currently leaving school with few traditional job prospects, many individuals will turn to starting their own businesses as their livelihood. Phil Sigler feels the tools in, “If You Can’t Be First You Must Be Better!”, are invaluable to getting started right away on a focused and guided path to a prosperous business. 

About PS 12/24

PS1224 is a business consulting firm that helps people succeed in the rapidly evolving technological world of business. With the 12 Business Principles and 24 Philosophies of Business found the the book, “If You Can’t Be First, You Must Be Better”, the firm will help entrepreneurs create an effective business plan. With their book they also offer a free Business Plan App.

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