Ron Price Meeting

Complete Leader

This week I met Ron Price with Price Associates.  He spoke on his new book, "The Complete Leader". 

Mesothelioma averages $144 per Click

The word Mesothelioma averages $144 per Click on SEO ranking, the's the most competitve legal keyword for attorneys.

Internet is an Equalizer

The internet is an equalizer - Phil SiglerThe inernet is a great equalizer in the way it levels out the playing field for innovators, artists, musicians, etc.  The internet allows ordinary people to branch into a market of billions.  From YouTube, Craigslist, Google, Facebook and so many other social networking venues - the internet provides ...

I won’t treat you like an employee if…

"I won't treat you like an employee if you don't act like one" - Phil Sigler

Troy McClain from the Apprentice

Troy McClain suppporting the boise TechMall.  Troy McClain from the Apprentice spoke positive things about the boise TechMall.