It’s never crowded along the “Extra Mile”

It's never crowded along the "Extra Mile" - Be sure to persevere during difficult times! -Phil Sigler

Conference Call in Real Life

This is the funniest example of many conference calls I have experienced: 

Best Seat in the House is All Yours! Now go Find it.

The best seat in the house is all yours, now go find it - Phil SiglerI believe this is a good phrase for a restaurant where you seat yourself.  

Dave Ramsey Conference

I attended the Dave Ramsey conference in Boise, Idaho.  It was quite impressive and enjoyed his comment regarding employees.  "I only have happy employees...because if they are not happy I fire them" - Dave Ramsey 

Application Implementors by Thomas Sigler

Listened to an awesome presentation by Thomas Sigler on "Application Implementors".  The subject matter was the next generation of IT Professionals in the workplace.