We get what we seek…

We get what we seek so be specific in what your want!

Changing your words…

Changing your words can change the World: 

Always trying to fix things – Maybe try listening

If your always running around fixing things it might be time to stop and listen to others.  Check out this funny video:It's not about the Nail: 

Buying a Business

The overlooked steps of buying a business:1. Buy it's Assets and relinquish all liabilities2. Fire all employees and then rehire them under your own Human Resource Guidelines and Procedures.  3. Have everyone sign Non-Competes, Confidentiality Agreements, Non Solicitations, etc.4. Have key employees sign a Retntion Contract with a quantitative dollar amount and time

Building Trust

Great video on building Trust with your clients by Author Stephen Covey.  I especially like the Hot Dog Vendor Story (3min 22 sec into video).